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The Great Barrier Reef is a LIVING CLASSROOM

It is one of the most diverse, amazing, and accessible education experiences for anyone on the planet! The Reef Biosearch team can showcase the natural ecosystems above and below the water in the facilitation of living classrooms aligning to World Heritage, Natural Values and Cultural Values on the Great Barrier Reef.

Turning the ocean into a fun and engaging classroom!

With personalised itineraries for primary and secondary years, students will be guided by Reef Biosearch Marine Biologists and Master Reef Guides on projects aligning to the Australian Curriculum.

Specialist programs also focus on the senior syllabuses for Biology and Marine Science, which provide essential skill sets to prepare students for higher education, work and engagement in a complex and rapidly changing world.

Interpretation Experiences

School Education

Our school education programs allow teachers to choose from Green Island or the Outer Reef, or combination of programs for the best experience.

Green Island Living Classroom

Green Island is the most diverse, amazing, and accessible education experience on the Great Barrier Reef, 45 minutes from Cairns.

With a dedicated classroom facility on Wunyami (Green Island’s traditional name), the Green Island Living Classroom is a curriculum based educational product and is a first for our region, providing accessible education experiences on the Great Barrier Reef.

Outer Reef Platform Experiences

Our Outer Reef Experience takes students to a reef activity platform permanently moored at the Outer Barrier Reef off Cairns or Port Douglas, providing the perfect opportunity to investigate and study reef ecosystems and processes in an interactive and stimulating experience.

Learn more at Great Adventures!

Community Education

Marine Biologist For A Day

Be a “Marine Biologist for a Day” is a package of educational resources to assist teachers, marine tourism operators and reef guides in facilitating high-quality experiential learning excursions for students visiting the Great Barrier Reef.
Visit GBRMPA to learn more.

Excursions and Community Engagement

From attending a local School Science Fair and introducing curious minds to the wonderful world of marine biology, to role models inspiring young people to consider a career in tourism, the Reef Biosearch teams are ambassadors for the Great Barrier Reef and community engagement.

Corporate Groups – CSR Activity

The Great Barrier Marine Park Authority’s Eye on the Reef Rapid Monitoring Survey enables visitors to contribute to the Reef’s long-term protection by collecting valuable information about reef health and marine animals to understand the bigger picture and inform how to manage the Reef.

The Eye on the Reef Rapid Monitoring Survey is designed for people with little to moderate reef experience who can snorkel confidently, and even without a scientific background.

Reef Biosearch’s team of trained marine biologists are certified to lead this activity and the data collected will be used to manage and support the resilience of the Great Barrier Reef.

Eye On The Reef and Citizen Science

There are a number of ways to get involved, and everyone’s contribution is welcomed — whether you’re a regular day tripper, tourist on their first visit, fisher, Marine Park ranger, marine tourism staff or marine scientist.  One of the easiest ways anyone can get involved is by downloading the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s free Eye on the Reef app to record reef health, animal sightings or incidents. There are also other monitoring programs for people who visit the Reef more regularly, have more time or marine biology knowledge, or are willing to be part of the training.

Visit GBRMPA to learn more.